Life is but a… Fragile Existence

Lava Bubbles, Donut Blocks, Hammer Bros and a touch of Bowser.

Fragile Existence level revolves around Lava theme, introducing enemies like Lava Bubbles, Hammer Bros, Spike Tops, Dry Bones, and, as a final treat, Bowser. There are several different ways of approaching, beating and/or avoiding enemies. For example, if you hate dealing with Hammer Bros, maybe you should run through Lava Bubbles sequence. Whatever you do, don’t stop moving or jumping. Donut Blocks are unforgivable. Despite fading platforms and tough enemies, I would personally rate this level between Normal and Expert difficulty.

I’m super excited for every comment since this is my first uploaded Mario Maker level. :)

General Info

Level name: Fragile Existence

Level ID: 5FC7-0000-02E9-2D43

Level world: New Super Mario Bros Wii U

Helpful tags: #Dash #Traditional #LavaLevel #BossFight #NSMBWiiU

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