One of my Kaizo Levels – Meet the Next PogChamp

This is the level thumbnail!This is the level thumbnail!

This is one of my Kaizo levels! It is called Meet the Next PogChamp!

It was made for HeyCharlie! Only he has cleared it; only him, meaning only 1 out of 544 people cleared it!

It’s clear rate is 0.18% and it is Super Expert (duh)!

I wanna see if anybody here can beat it! 😉

It was uploaded on 01/09/2017!

It has 8 stars, 24 plays, and has been shared 0 times! :(

It is in the Super Mario Bros. style and has a Castle theme!

It’s tag is “dash!”

It was created by me, Xyth (obviously)!

It has 1 comment (being from HeyCharlie)!

The World Record is obviously held by HeyCharlie, him being the only one to clear it, and the time for the world record is 00:09.804 so it has a pretty tight timer (because it only has 10 seconds)!

First clear is held by HeyCharlie (obviously)!

Recent players are:

ささきけいと from Japanきなり from JapanJulian (a really popular creator) from Germanyhyphen04 from Australia, Nightmare from Canada (also known as JL and is a YouTuber)loganlpmas from the United States, Rudy from the UK, dave (also known as DGR or Dan Good Repairs; and he is a YouTuber) from the US, Avi from the US, Tyler from the USりく from JapanNaTTanG from the USたっくん from JapanOshikorosu (also known as Oshi, OshPosh or Papa Osh; and he is a YouTuber) from CanadaHeyCharlie (who cleared it, did I already mention that LOL!?; and he is a YouTuber) from the US, Chili P from Germany, Marc (a really popular creator) from GermanyHudson from the USDave Ninja from the USおわりしゃちょー from JapanFreezy from the USand finally はる from Japan!

Whoo, that took a while! Alright, on to who starred the level!

The level was starred by Julian, Nightmare, dave, Oshi, HeyCharlie, Chili P, Marc and Freezy!

Alright that’s it (almost)! Remember to share this with your friends or other people to see if they can beat it! 😉

ID: 1AEC-0000-02E9-A174


There you go! Ow, my thumbs hurt a LOT! ^0^









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