Getting High on a First Flight

Getting High on a First Flight is your typical World 1-1 variation in NSMB Wii(U) style. The main goal of a level is to teach a (new) Mario player jump mechanics. Normal jump, dash jump, wall jump, Propeller Mario jump. I was aiming for clean, green pastures design with basic Mario enemies: Goombas, Koopa Troopas (red are here just because the green ones are too dumb not to fall of a simple platform) and Piranha Plants. There are three pink coins to collect (sort of a substitute for Star Coins from NSMB Wii) and one secret trick for obtaining an extra life.

General Info

Level name: Getting High on a First Flight

Level ID: 5FC7-0000-02E9-2D43

Level world: New Super Mario Bros Wii U

Helpful tags: #Dash #Traditional #LavaLevel #BossFight #NSMBWiiU

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