Beyond Super Mario Maker!

Over the past 2 months we’ve seen this thing called Mario Made grow from a minor frustration on my part to find Super Mario Maker levels into an honest to goodness community in which thousands of people share content on a daily basis.


Last week’s Nintendo Direct ushered in the announcement that Nintendo would soon provide a web portal of its own to help people find levels. We think this is great! Had it been in existence on day one we may not have created Mario Made. That said, we did create it and we intend to keep this community growing.


So beyond just sharing your levels we would like this place to become a forum that crosses the things we love most in gaming. Great design, great communication, and Nintendo in general.


We have put out a call for writers who want to help contribute content. In fact, we are just going to open that up by creating some new categories that are geared toward things other than just SMM categories. We still want to see all your levels but in truth we also want to do more, we want to get good discussions going whether they be about SMM level design, the latest Nintendo Direct, Twitch and Hitbox streams, or Nindie game dev.


As both Henry and I have stated before, we are indie game developers working on a Nindie game. Through this community, we have found other Nindies as well as great designers who are doing work in SMM that could one day lead to Nindie development.

So please make use of these categories outside of SMM.


Nintendo Direct



Post things that you think will be interesting for all of us.


Thank you and happy making!

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