SMM BOOKMARK – How to share your levels


As of Dec. 22, Nintendo has added an official web portal to search for Super Mario Maker levels.

The website is here: BOOKMARK


  1. Log in with your Nintendo Network ID
  2. Click on “My Profile” in the top right (should be your Mii)
  3. Find your level that you want to share
  4. Click “More Info” on that level
  5. Copy and Paste the link of that page wherever you like!
  6. Alternatively, there is a twitter button you can use in the top right, but…

Remember you are welcome to share your levels over Mario Made for extra exposure and a chance to win the weekly Star Drive Sunday! And now, it will be even easier for people to find and play your levels, simply add the bookmark to your posts.

Happy Making!


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  1. I wrote a Chrome extension that turns all Mario Maker-style codes on any page you visit into a link to the bookmark page:

    Henry, if you’d like the JavaScript code, you could insert it into the site code and it would linkify every code on the site dynamically. Let me know if you want it.

    If anyone else wants the code so they can compile the extension themselves (because the compiled CRX does ask to view every site you visit, which could be an alarming permission), just ask.

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