Baby Bowser’s Lava Labyrinth

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This Super Mario Bros. 3 castle stage is somewhat of a mixed bag.
It contains challenging platforming, perplexing puzzles, Shellmet adventures, a pipe maze, and even a terminal boss fight.

The stage begins in what is presumably Baby Bowser’s castle. After navigating a few perilous platforming setpieces, Mario must decipher how to continue in a seemingly impossible-to-escape chamber. After passing this room and a few more obstacles, Mario moves beneath the castle to the underground section and the first checkpoint flag.

Beyond the checkpoint flag is a Cheep-Cheep bridge, Shellmet-assisted trials, a confusing journey through pipes, and another checkpoint before facing Baby Bowser himself.

Can you overcome Baby Bowser’s fairly lengthy labyrinth?
Or will you succumb to the surrounding inferno?

Baby Bowser’s Lava Labyrinth
Level ID: E7D9-0000-0125-7C08 

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