Fire Flower Challenge – On hold

Hey guys. Kit here. Just wanted to let ya know that the Video series of the “Fire Flower Challenge” is going to be put on hold for a bit.. I originally got done recording an episode on Tues, but after rendering and compressing, the file some how came out larger than the April 2nd episode! So, when I went to upload the file, being on a 15kb/s data capped cellphone, I got back this:

Sssooooo I was all:

So I’m going to look into my settings and see where I can cut corners and maybe kill quality a bit. Sure it wouldn’t be noticeable anyways with how crummy my Capture Card is. In the mean time, I may take up 32’s style and make it Text base, while having the rating system still in, for a bit till I can figure som’in out. Hate being stuck on this dumb cellphone >.>

Anyways. As Always: Keep it cool, everyone.


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A budding Youtube Personality and a Novice Tier 3D Animator, Kit loves to play games, Live Stream, and even make Let's Plays. She tries her best to put a smile on someone's face or make them feel better.

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