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Hey everyone! You might have noticed that Review World 2… has never happened! That’s because, with no requests, I gotta rely on Star Drive, and with no Star Drive… Well, I’d have to find something else. And you and I know that won’t be that fun. So Mario has been on vacation until we get some more levels for him to play. Exciting, right? We’ll continue our fun once Star Drive is up and running again, but for now, we’ll wait!

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Just someone interested in games! Have a great day!

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  1. Could always do what the rest of us do: Go digging for stages XD I mean, why wait. If you wanna have fun and try your hand at writing som’in spiffy, best go out there and just do it. Sure, you’ll snag a bad egg or 3, but at least you made the choice about it and gave your thoughts. Or shoot, if you’re lazy, could just “piggy back” off of me and 32’s reviews =p

    • I would, but I’m doing lots of stuff in my life. School especially is making it pretty difficult. I’d rather just wait! I’ve got enough stress and I get a bit depressed this time of year. Any more than stealing from Star Drive and it’s just more than I feel like doing. I’m welcoming this “time off.”

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