Kit’s Fire Flower Challenge: Text Edition – April 23rd

Kit's Fire Flower Challenge

“Kit! You’re 3 days late!”

Yeah yeah.. Was procrastinating. Anyways. I’m not one to like to type (much less spell) a lot, so it’s going to be kinda short and sweet.

Stage 1: Catching up to Bowser Jr.

The stage is based on Super Mario World‘s Air ship. You’ll start off with a short hop to a near by Warp Pipe (I nearly just dashed into that gap, it’s so close to the start) and plopped into an awaiting cloud. The Sub area (which is also Air Ship theme) is on a slow Auto Scroll. Gotta watch out. Also have to be careful of lingering Spike Blocks and the fact of the cloud running out of steam. luckily there’s multiple ways to gather up new clouds. After a bit of dodging and weaving you are pitted against lil Jr. on his own ship. Here, you’re tasked to find 5 Pink Coins before you can proceed. Took me a moment to find 1 of them hehe. After kicking over the end tape, the air ship starts falling apart and bits and pieces of it fall past the screen. Nice touch.

Rating: 3.5 Fire Flowers


Reason – The Clouds makes it difficult for some players to manage, as they tend to forget they can vanish.

Difficulty: Normal


My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx02


Stage 2: Super Mario Key Quest

This stage was massive. Another Super Mario World themed stage that had a Ground and Castle Sub Area. It featured 4 Locked Doors and 5 Pink Coins. Trouble with the stage was it was pretty massive in it’s own right that it was easy to time out. I didn’t even beat it in my recording due to taking too long. I gave up mainly cause I got myself stuck haha. Note to author of stage: Try not to put Solid Blocks over Semi-Solid Blocks at the top of the screen when you are going to give players a Spike Helm.. I got stuck and had to end the recording. I did go back and beat it after I figured out a pattern: Door 1, Door 3, Door 2. You die in Door 1 to reset the timer, as it’ll give you the best chance of completing the stage as the Spike Helm is unlocked and easily collected again, and you can cheeze Door 2 using Door 3. Anyways. I’ll leave the rest for you to figure out.

Score: 4 Fire Flowers


Reason – The Stage was a wonderful thing to play, but, as the author noted, the timer buggers the whole thing. Also, a random player has a good chance of getting confused and lost. It will give a good chance of a “skip” on a 100 Mario run if someone can’t figure it out fast enough. Else it was very well thought up and worth a shot.

Difficulty: Extreme


My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx??


Stage 3: Link’s Quest: The Evil Below

This stage features Super Mario Bros by implementing Mystery Costumes as Toon Link, Wolf Link, and classic Link. The Primary stage is of the Underground and Sub area of Castle.The stage confused me quite often on where to go, even though it was pretty straight forward. Much of it has you weaving through the stage’s thumbnail design. Only thing that I walked away from this stage that I liked was the Big Bowser Jr. Boss fight. The Maker put a Spiny on the brat’s head, so you had to figure out a better way to dispatch him. I’m not going to tell ya, but it was pretty simple once I figured it out (which didn’t take long at all). It was an overall ok stage, but someone random that got dropped into will wonder wtf’s going on.

Rating: 3 Fire Flowers


Reason – The Stage was pretty confusing, in a way, and was pretty dangerous. Some non-savvy players may give up quickly. But it was well fleshed out, with thought of where props go and how they’d react to the path they’ve made. Really shines in several spots.

Difficulty: Hard


My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx06


Well, I hope you kitties liked this. I may type a new one next week… I’m sure I’ll have to record on Sat, so I guess it’d be a given. So leave me some stages in the comment to review and I’ll get to em!

And as always: Keep it cool, everyone.


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. I like your review style! I wish to contribute a level named “Everything But The Exit”, and would love to hear your feedback! It’s sort of a longish level but intended to be intermediate, where the exit is frequently in sight but not exactly handed to you. =P

    Mario Made page:

    Bookmark link:

    • Coolie. I’ll cue it up.

      edit: Oh hi Chad XD Thanks for giving your feed back on my stages recently XD How’d you figure out Room 3? Wondering if people are coming to the same conclusion or not.

  2. The first solution I found was the one in your video, where you let the Beetle walk into the leftwards one-way thing and kick it just as it peeks out. That one confused me for a bit, considering that’s the exact opposite of that object’s explicit purpose! =P Definitely a good way to stump someone.

    I did go back later though and find that if you’re big Mario, you could activate the flip block and duck-slide into the spiky space with Buzzy shell in hand while taking damage. I’m guessing that’s the second, unintended solution?

    • Yeah, the take damage is the unintended one. Debating on uploading my fixed version or not XD Since, you know, the Default solution could stump someone good like you said..

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