Kit’s Fire Flower Challenge: Text Edition – April 30th

Kit's Fire Flower Challenge

Hey everyone! Kit here. Here we go with the next Text edition of the Fire Flower Challenge! This week we have 1 request and 2 randoms from the first page of stages from today (not many was posted this week o.o). Also… SylphTempest and juni44144: Don’t forget to link your bookmark page =p

So, let’s get started!


Stage 1: Everything But The Exit!

Mr. Chadly asked me to poke his stage for this week’s review and so I shall! This stage runs the Mario 3 theme with a combo of Ground and Underground Sub area. The trick of the stage is to navigate your way to the always teasing ending that’s just in view. The stage is very straight forward, with little to worry about in the way of dying (cept a few choice pit falls) if you take it slow. That’s not a bad thing though ^_^ While it’s “Straight Forward”, it very well thought out, making sure you can’t cheese the stage in any way (though I might poke it again for testing sake =3).

Rating: 4.5 Fire Flowers


Reason – The stage was well thought up and made sure it worked with itself and it’s route. Using the Winged Shoe was smart, but some people may not still know about it’s flutter.

Difficulty: Easy


My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx02


Stage 2: Through the Ship! (Bookmark)

First of the 2 randoms I picked out. This stage features the Classic Mario style… not a fan of it personally, but let’s roll with this ^_^ It runs on the Airship theme for both Over and Sub areas. You are tasked to hunt down 5 pink keys aboard a flying Airbase. Stage has you starting out by infiltrating the ship from… I think the back?… and pushing through the innards. The stage heavily focused on the Pink coins and locked doors. It wasn’t too difficult for me though. Only part I was worried about was the Goomba Shoe segment, but I lived to see another stage.

Rating: 3 Fire Flowers


Reason – The stage was pretty generic. Some of it looked nice, sure, but it was a bit too straight forward in design with little fear for any true danger (aside from the Shoe room).

Difficulty: Very Easy/Easy (Depending on skill)


My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx00


Stage 3: The Keys to Success (Bookmark)

With the lack of ANY info on the Mario Made post, I was pretty hesitant to pick this stage. But here we go nontheless. This stage uses the Super Mario World style, featuring Ground and Underground Sub area. The stage starts you off with a rude awaking of Skewers everywhere, with a couple of jumps you need to not over shoot. Then you’re introduced to Mini-areas. The first one featured a Blue Skull on a track. yay! Luckily it wasn’t too tricky to work that section. After finished there, area 2 features 3 Pink Coins you gotta gather. part way through you’re introduced into Skewer hell, followed by a Large Bowser Jr fight. I honestly thought I was stuck here for a bit till I found the Hidden Block… After Mini-area 2 you Checkpoint. Here’s where this stage really wasn’t cool. Firstly: There’s no power ups until you make it past the Blades. Secondly, both Hidden Blocks was just that: Hidden. I didn’t know what the hell’s going on. I did find the first one easily, but the last one, there’s a huge chance that not many will figure this section out at all. After that you’re treated to a bit of Parkour. I was glad when I got done with this stage.. and it wasn’t a good glad.

Rating: 2 Fire Flowers


Reason – The number of hidden blocks made it more of an annoying “Guess where I placed them!” game than anything. The rate of Power Ups was good, but the final room (with the double key) fell flat on it’s face.

Difficulty: Hard

My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx14 (that stupid final room)


Anyways, there we go for this week! Hope you liked what you read, or maybe learned som’in. Please leme know if you would like to see one of your stages land here for next week! And as always: Keep it cool, everyone.


 <- Yeah, I animated this =p

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  1. Thanks for giving my stage a look! It’s too bad that Mario Maker doesn’t have a good way of teaching players certain mechanics. I guess you could leave a comment describing it or write “Hold A” in the wall or something, but those are messy and some people might have comments turned off. The Goomba sort of demonstrates it before you kill it, but that’s easy to escape one’s notice too.

    It’s also a shame that not a lot of people come around here, because reviews are fun when there’s an actual audience. =P

    • agreed. Why I encourage those who I’ve reviewed to share with their friends XD Letting em know you got reviewed and there’s people here that cares about the game still. Also helps get their stages noticed more to boot.

      • Thanks for reviewing my level Kit. I love your honest review and thank you for putting my level in the fire flower challenge it’s greatly appreciated. I think you might like my Keys of Thrones U edition better and of course it has some hidden blocks in them lol.

  2. Thank you for reviewing my level! My goal with this one was mostly just to play with the key doors; I’m usually much less shy about obstacles. I’ll keep your review in mind when I make my next key-based level for sure!

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