Kit’s Fire Flower Challenge: Text Edition – May 7

Kit's Fire Flower Challenge

Another week, another trio of stages! This is the Fire Flower Challenge!

“Uh, Kit? This isn’t being recorded for youtube.”
Quiet. I’m the host here!
“Are you talking to yourself?”
MAYBE! I swear I’m not insane!


Anyways. It seems it was a slow week this week, as there’s a few familiar faces in this week’s challenge. Get the word out there fellas! ^_^ We need more friends =D But I digress. Let’s get rolling with the 3 stages!

Stage 1: Pokeys in the Desert

Here we have a Mario 3 Themed stage that features the Ground (keep wanting to call it “Overworld”) and Underground Sub area. The designer tried their best to make it feel like the Desert theme. The focus point of the stage is the Pokeys… wait.. those arn’t Pokeys o.o He used cleverly stacked enemies to simulate an enemy that’s not in yet. Down side is if you OFF WITH IT’S HEAD!!! … erm… *ahem* pop off the top enemy, it will still be a threat, unless you tail whip a spiney just right, then it’s satisfying. Anyways. You’re tasked with collecting 5 Pink coins on your way to the Underground, which also has 5. The level is pretty direct, but gives lots of fun visual noise to make it feel more like the level it’s mimicing. There’s a Pink coin hidden in a coin path of when you need to use the Mario ‘coon fly and I almost missed it going to the little hidden spot near it. After that, you’re dumped into the Underground. Check point and goomba shoe! And after typing that whole thing, I DID miss a pink coin D= Eh, I’ll go back and fetch it later. After goofing up some of my jumps, I’m back at the check point, which I almost immediately died to the awaiting Goomba shoe. This could of been worked a bit different. There’s plenty of room behind the checkpoint for a 4 block pit to house the shoe, making it safe to pop out the goomba and snag it’s shoe.


Anyways, restarting the stage to get that coin (and cause I took that photo ^_^”), just in case… I’m back to the Shoes. The next segment has you hoping on a few “pokeys”. If you take too long here, you’re going to start getting overwhelmed with shoes. The area kind of depends on the Shoe, so it’s best to get hit to get rid of the Leaf power up, else it’ll mess with your jump timing. One of my deaths I accidentally run through that little 1 block high gap by the Shoe pooping pipe, making me laugh pretty hard at my oops. After I finished the stage, it seemed there was more than 1 way to finish, which I give props for. I walked away from this stage satisfied.

Rating: 4 Fire Flowers


Reason – The design of the stage was great, and the fake pokeys was entertaining. What held it back was def the Checkpoint Shoe and 10 coins. I’m not knocking the score too hard for the coins though, being there’s alt. exits.

Difficulty: Normal

My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx04


Stage 2: Toadette: Lost Ruins of the Shoe

Here we go. A Classic Mario theme that’s based around the Mystery Mushroom. The whole Stage revolves around the Ghost House for both areas. As Toadette, you’re tasked to navigate this spooky place filled with Munchers, Dry Bones of varying sizes, and a very lonely large Boo. While exploring, you need to collect Pink Coins. The level design is pretty good so far, with Vines and Semi-Solids dotting the area to give it some life (I really should start using vines more..). The Pink Coins are hidden in a maze like fashion, which makes you explore more than your typical Mario stage. At 328, I finally got all 5 and Checkpointed through the door. The next area, which also has a goomba shoe behind a checkpoint… though this one’s a wee bit at a safer distance… has Toadette picking up her quest item, the shoe. I’ll admit, little disappointed it wasn’t a High Heel lol. Anyways. Now that you have the shoe, you can turn back and explore a few areas that you couldn’t before. After stupidly sliding off into a pit (I don’t shoe much lol), I made my way around and found 3 Keys to access the next area (That sneaky boo =p). Check pointed, I now navigate a rather dangerous chasm with Munchers and free moving platforms. After back tracking for another shoe, I’ve reached the end.

Rating: 4 Fire Flowers


Reason – I wanted to slap Toadette. Glad I wasn’t wearing my headphones. But that’s not the reason lol. The stage was well put together and looked nice in action. The keys and coins scattered around might be difficult for people to catch on and snag.

Difficulty: Normal

My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx01


Stage 3: The Icy-Obstacle Piranha Course

Piranha plants, springs, and ice. Ho-boy. Anyways. This stage runs in the Mario 3 theme. It features the Ground theme for both areas. So, off the bat you got Spineys walking your way over some ice. I do believe it’s time to get some hard core parkour going up in here. Right after them, you’re treated to the first, and a bit unfair, challenge: a huge Piranha plant on a spring. This element could of been saved till a bit later, after you learn the stage’s curve. After dying a few times, I made it past and piped. After you get past the spineys again, you’re treated to plants on tracks circling ice blocks. Since stopping after a jump is tough, the next jump is pretty much directly into another plant. Luckily there was a power up after piping from earlier. Too bad the ?Block right after was empty, which I promptly slid into an awating pipe-plant. After piping again (and taking the ice a bit slower), you’re treated to more sliding and plants, and spike blocks on pipe exit, to return to normal Mario. With the right timing, I found myself a key, smacked the checkpoint, grabbed a rather out of place spring, put 2 n 2 together and exited using the not very secret exit. Not trying again to see the rest of the stage, thanks.

Score: 2 Fire Flowers


Reason – The lay out was pretty brutal, and not the fun kind. And the opener with the large plant is a huge reason it scored so low. If it wasn’t for that opening plant, I would of prob enjoyed this a bit more.

Difficulty: (Annoyingly) Hard

My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx15


And that does it for this week’s challenge! I hope you liked this, maybe learned som’in! Let your friends know about Mario Made and our reviewers (32, where you been mate? XD). Tune in next week, where I play your stages and give you more of my Fire Flowers. And no, you can not have Double Fire Flower Power (Bonus points if you get that reference). Let me know in the comments if you wish to see your stage featured in the next challenge.

And as Always: Keep it cool, everyone!


(Didn’t feel like adding a Kit Pic this time =p)

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Thanks for giving the level a look! I tried to convey clearly that three additional keys needed to be found. It’s actually possible to see the non-Boo ones from certain early locations (plus Boo has that arrow hint), but those still perhaps aren’t the most intuitive things in the world.

    I guess now we know the real reason Toad and Toadette couldn’t jump in Treasure Tracker, though – it wasn’t the backpack, but rather so they’d SHUT UP. =P Nah, I don’t mind them too much, except never use them underwater because they make noise at EVERY single A press.

    Another level of mine was originally designed to be a Captain Toad swimming level, but I got pretty deep into its design before playtesting it because it didn’t occur to me how he was quite that talkative. I ended up switching out every instance of his Amiibo costume pickup for regular Toad’s, it was that bad. =P

    Might as well suggest that level since I don’t know how many other requests you’ll get:
    Mario Made page:
    Bookmark link:

    Hope more people find this place somehow. Not sure how much I could do to spread the word, though. I don’t really have any Mario Maker friends, but I can try advertising it in a social media tag and hope it’s not ignored or quickly buried. I don’t have much of an internet following, but worth a try! =D If things were to pick up a little, I might be curious about trying my own hand at reviewing if that was something people would want, but I’m not sure yet.

    • Man, i didn’t even know about the water annoyance lol. Yikes. I’ll admit, I noticed the Boo sign and thought it was trying to point at som’in on the other side of the wall or som’in Poking a few pipes got my answer soon enough though XD

      Sure, I’ll cue it up, seeing how slow the site’s been. I would of waited till the week after to repeat uploaders, but yeah.. slow stuff x,x

      I’ll also share this review on my personal facebook profile, see if any of my friends will come along. I usually share it on my Youtube Channel’s Facebook page but that’s usually for people that follow me for just being me ^_^” Also what really helped things was Henry’s emails from Star Drive. Since he’s been away, it feels like the site’s dead. I know it isn’t, but missing out on those emails maybe what people liked.

  2. Hey Kit you should try out Mariovania 5 the house of death 993C-0000-0198-3AF8 more than likely you will die a lot but I think you can handle it or you can try Keys of thrones A41B-0000-022A-AB80,I tried making it easier in the beginning for you to find hidden blocks and it should be the only section. Good luck and thanks

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