Kit’s Fire Flower Challenge: Text Edition – May 14

Kit's Fire Flower Challenge

“Kit! You’re Late AGAIN!”

Quiet. Doom and the Wii U modding scene exploded. Leave meh alone D= On the Modding Scene note: We won’t be seeing stages from those people, since the method to take the stages online is cut off.


Anyways! So, let’s get right to it =3

Stage 1: Toad’s Crazy Coral Coins

First up, we have Chad whom asked me to poke another of his stages. Let’s rock! So, this stage is another Costume stage, so it runs on the Classic Mario theme. Uhg. I digress. The stage features a double dose of Underwater. Right off the bat, the stage puts you into Toad’s shoes. As with many people (including me) that has been doing since their launch, this stage has you hunting down Pink Coins. 7 of them this time. So far, I have 3 and haven’t been posed much of a challenge. Not that’s a bad thing, especially for a water stage. One of the cute things that he’s done was use disconnected tracks to “launch” a red cheepcheep in a vertical path, instead of it’s usual horizontal. Not sure the gap was needed, but eh. The 3rd coin was a tad tricky, as it was a timed P Switch swim. Luckily I got it on 1 try. After Piping, things start going a bit nuts. I died pretty quickly as I got distracted by an out-of-game source. Finding a check point, was interested to learn that Winged Plants do not get blocked by the One-Way Block on the way back to the pipe. Kinda interesting. After finishing the sub-area, there’s a handy loop-back-to-start, in case you’ve missed a coin… like I did x,x Also the Loop Back brings you back to the exit door. And then I realised I forgot the Pink Coin just after the first pipe you enter. Smacking the P-Switch, grabbed the coin, I bring Toad and his Toad-y butt to the flag.

Rating: 4 Fire Flowers


Reason – The stage was thought up proper, giving leeway in many areas, while keeping the difficulty curve somewhat steady. The Loop Back was a good idea.

Difficulty: Normal

My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx02


Stage 2: Mariovania 5: The house of death

At the “last minute” (as I was going to do this yesterday), JUNI44144 asked me to try out one of his 2 stages. Again, making me hunt down the information to post here, I almost didn’t want too. Remember folks: If you want me to try your stage, give me your Mario Made link that has a BookMark link in the post. This is the last time I’m going to hunt info down.

Anyways, going all the way back to Jan, let’s check this mean stage out. Housed in the Mario 3 theme, it has a double Ghost House theme running. So, after piping, you’re on a time limit on your jump from your small platform, as there’s a lit Bob-omb under your feet. After just barely missing the jump (clipped the edge of the grinder), you’re tasked with quick hops from Blue Skull tracks. These are “nice”. “Nice” as in, it’s an ok prop this time, instead of those where you’re fighting momentum to jump. Tried to be slick on the next segment and promptly died. After bopping my head trying again, I’m treated to a rush down of fused Bob-ombs, blocks and spikes. Figuring out a system I made it to the door. Whew. Aww.. no check point. Anyways, a Giant winged Boo on a track is the next threat. Hey, wait! Where are you going? Hmm… Taking that as a cue, I made a mad dash to the left. After accidentally forgetting what a Blue drop platform does, I died to a swarm of hammers. Welp. Round 3. Once again died at the hammer spam. This reason is cause I need to kill them all and fly. Oy x,x an arrow coulda helped here. After making the flight, there’s a warp pipe…. with no check point.. grand.. And then there’s Blue Skull tracks that you have to jump with. Nope. I draw the line at these things. I’m done.

Rating: 2 Fire Flowers


Reason – I was entertained up until Blue Skull tracks. These this are the worst thing to have in a stage.

Difficulty: Extreme



My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx07+


Stage 3: Super Mario Bros. 3 world 4-6

So, onto a random from this week. Quite a few this time to pick from, and I rolled a dice and picked this one. The author says that Mario 3 was a favorite for most people. Not me XD It’s #3 on my theme picks for Mario Made. I’d rather play a Super Mario World stage hehe. Anyways, enough belly aching.

This stage runs in the Mario 3 theme, using double Ground themes. The stage runs off of the older version: Giant World. Since we’re at the start of world 4-6, it woulda been cool to start with Super Mario instead of small, since there’s the Giant winged Koopa hopping towards us. Making my way past that threat, I boned myself a door entry chance by super kicking (double kicking a shell) a Koopa into the area. I hopped in to try and stop it and popped a hidden block by accident, getting creamed by the Koopa shell. Round 2 lol. After hitting the door and piping, everything’s small again =D Can tell they used graph paper to work this one out =3 Forced to pipe back to Big Land, I narrowly dash under a few hopping Koopas and smacked that end box.

Rating: 3.5 Fire Flowers


Reason – Stage was well put together, with attention to detail on the flip side. Very retro feel too, which many stages seem to miss out on (that are trying to emulate retro). I found the lack off power ups a tad unnerving.. unless I didn’t look hard enough.

Difficulty: Easy


My Deaths: Mario_Sprite_Deathx01


And that does it for this week! Be sure to tune in next wee– “KIT! This isn’t Youtube!”

Shut it D=

Tune in next week for 3 more stages! If you liked, or learned, som’in from here, pop a comment below. Also if you want one of your stages to show up in here, let me know (BY HAVING ALL THE PROPER INFOZ PLZ!) also below. Don’t forget to let your friends know there’s a site that cares about it’s makers!

… also, where are you 32? I feel lonely up in here T~T

As always: Keep it cool, everyone.


(Super Kit. Personal Fan thing I made up lol)

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  1. The gap in the track was really just because that’s the space I wanted the fish to occupy and keep it consistent with the vertical space given in general.

    As for the Piranha Plant not interacting with the one-way blocks, I think that’s only because it had a pipe to return to, and that they do get blocked otherwise. Seems inconsistent, but it makes for neat hazard options, I suppose!

    Good thing the retracing of the level didn’t give you too much trouble, I littered one-way blocks everywhere to hopefully alleviate that. Anyway, glad you enjoyed!

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