Wing Fortress Zone


Any Sonic fans around here? Well then, this might be a treat for you, a remake of Wing Fortress Zone from Sonic 2. I tried to be as faithful to the source material as the limits of Mario Maker and my own imagination would let me, aside from removing some shortcuts that I’m pretty sure we’re never intentional anyway, and adding a little secret of my own, and if you wanna be really nitpicky, the fact that I didn’t unlock the Sonic costume before uploading; but hey, the novelty of Mario in a Sonic level is cool.
After trying my own hand at it, I wanna say that remaking levels in Mario Maker is quite fun, especially when it’s one from another franchise, because you really have to think outside of the box deciding what it would look like in Mario. I’m fairly pleased with what I came out with, and I hope you enjoy playing as much as I enjoyed making.

Wing Fortress Zone

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  1. I love the level, i had a ton of fun! Keep up the great work 😀

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