My Cool Costume-Themed Level

This is the thumbnail for my level, 'Shulk's Village Rampage'!This is the thumbnail for my level, 'Shulk's Village Rampage'!

This is one of my newest levels called ‘Shulk’s Village Rampage’. It starts you off in a cave in which you have to journey through to get to an invisible block. Hit the invisible block and then wait for the Podoboo inside it to explode the Bob-Omb. Now go BACK through the cave and get out through an opening. If you go out the cave first, there is a semi-solid below you so you won’t be able to get back in the cave unless you go to the OTHER opening that goes all the back down to the cave.You can explore the village and there is even an easter egg containing the sound effect that goes, ‘MWAHAHAHHAHAA’!!! Yeah that one! NOTE: You MUST have a POWer-Up and a key in order to progress. You WON’T be able to go back!! Then, go through the locked door and you get a Check-a, check-a, Checkpoint!! Go through the pipe and continue with the level. Thank you for reading! Hope you check it out!    :)

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I am 15 years old. I LOVE Mario Maker and all things Nintendo. I enjoy Youtube, gaming, art, and things related to technology. Find cool Mario Maker levels here: Find my levels here:

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