Welcome to MarioMade.com. This is the place to share your Super Mario Maker creations in all their glory. Levels are searchable by name, author, and category. You can post screens, codes, or videos of your levels. All content will be shared via the MarioMadeCom social media channels on Twitter and Facebook, which are focused solely on Super Mario Maker.

Be sure to categorize your levels in “All Levels” as well as any more specific categories. Then people can search for all levels or just what they want based on specific gameplay desires.

Don’t forget: We encourage you to add a BOOKMARK to your levels so its easier for people to find and play them.

Good luck, happy designing, and fun to all!

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Be sure to tune in Sundays for Star Drive!                And tune in for Friday Night FACE-OFF! Two
Every week we pick three levels added to                 random levels get pitted against each-other
Mario Made’s library to show off.                               in a weekly twitter poll.